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Hockey Frequently Asked Questions???

Can a puck be kicked into the goal?

Not kicked intentionally, but a puck can be deflected off a skate, or off a player's body if no overt attempt is made to throw or kick it in.
How are the marking applied to the ice?
The ice is built up to a half inch thickness by spraying water over the concrete floor, which has the freezing pipes imbedded. Then the markings are painted on, after which additional water is sprayed to "coat" the markings and build the ice to the prescribed thickness.

How thick is the ice?
The best ice for pro hockey is usually held at 16 degrees for the proper hardness and is approximately ¾ inch thick. The thicker the sheet of ice becomes, the softer and slower it is. Commercial ice shows perform on "warmer", slower ice.

What are the dimensions of the rink?
Standard size is 200 feet by 85 feet. Occasionally, some professional rinks are a different size. Some home team's ice measures 185 feet by 85 feet, with the difference being made up by shortening the "neutral zone" (between the two blue lines) by 15 feet.

What are the duties of a Goal Judge?
One sits off-ice behind each net when a goal has been scored by turning on the red light just above his station. The referee can ask his advice on disputed goals, but the referee is the final authority and can overrule the goal judge.

What are the duties of a Linesman?
They call the following infractions: off-sides, off-sides pass, icing the puck and handle all face-offs expect for the opening face-off of each period. They do not call penalties, but can recommend to the referee that a penalty be called. Depending on the level of hockey, one or two may be used.

What are the duties of an Official Scorer?
He determines which player scores and credits assists, if any. He may consult with the referee, but the scorer is the final authority in crediting points.

What are the duties of a Referee?
The referee supervises the game, calls penalties, determines goals and handles face-offs at center ice to start each period. Depending on the level of hockey, one or two referees will be used.

What if a puck is stopped, or stops on the goal line?
There is no score. The puck must completely clear the goal line between the posts to be counted as a score.

What is the puck made of?
The puck is made of vulcanized rubber, three inches in diameter and one inch thick. It is not only solid to remove the "bounce", but it is frozen before entering play to make it bounce resistant. It weighs about six ounces.

What is the “plus/minus” rating?
The plus/minus rating indicated the overall success of a player while he is on the ice. A “+1” is awarded to each player on the ice when his team scores an even strength or shorthanded goal. A “-1” is awarded to each player on the ice when a goal is scored against their team. Goalies are not included.

When does icing occur?

Icing occurs when a player shoots the puck from within his or her own offensive zone across the opponent’s goal line. Icing is nullified if:

The team shooting the puck is shorthanded;

A player from the defending team could have played the puck before it crossed the goal line; or
Aplayer from the icing team plays the puck before it crosses the goal line.

Who are the Off-Ice Officials?
These officials include the official scorer, game timekeeper, penalty timekeeper, and the two goal judges. The referee has full control of all game officials and the final decision.

Who calls the penalties?

The referee calls penalties, has the ultimate responsibility for allowing (or disallowing) goals, and even naming the goal scorer if a question arises. The linesmen concentrate mainly on calling off-sides and icing.

Why doesn't the referee break fights up?
Several reasons; for one, he's observing who should receive the penalties for the infractions; also, it is quite hazardous in those close quarters with sticks and gloves, and players, frequently on the ice. Since he is in sole control of the game, he has to protect himself from injury.



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